The Different Services Your Tree Company May Provide

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Trees can improve your property's appeal and prevent soil erosion by slowing wind speed. Besides, trees provide shade and fruit. However, you must care for your trees to enjoy these benefits. While DIY tree practices may be effective, consider hiring a tree company to access various tree services. Here are the common services tree services may provide.

Selection and Planting

Proper tree selection is critical to achieving the desired tree benefits. However, identifying different tree species requires expertise. Fortunately, a tree company has well-trained professionals to help you select the correct tree species. 

Then, the professionals can help you plant the trees correctly. They may also provide services like mulching, irrigation, and fertilization when necessary. This ensures the growth of healthy seedlings.

Pest and Disease Control

Pests and diseases may attack your trees resulting in damage. For instance, termites may feed on your tree's trunk or branches, making them prone to breakage. Additionally, severe diseases may cause the death of your tree. 

Your tree company can help identify pests and diseases early and establish control interventions. For example, the professional may spray chemicals or apply biological products to treat pests and diseases. Likewise, tree companies can provide tree pest and disease prevention tips like tree hygiene to ensure tree health.

Tree Removal

If your tree dies, is located off-position, or prevents you from utilizing your space efficiently, you may need to cut it down. Nonetheless, falling a tree can be risky as you may damage your property or get injuries if the tree falls in the wrong direction. Tree companies have the equipment and expertise to eliminate trees safely eliminate trees.

Stump Removal

After cutting down your trees, stumps may be left behind. The stumps may attract termites, which may damage your wooden structures. Similarly, stumps risk your health as you may trip over them and sustain injuries such as broken or twisted ankles. Moreover, unwanted new regrowth may appear on stumps over time. Tree business professionals use various methods to remove stumps, including grinding, chemical application, and burning. This helps improve property safety and prevents pests and regrowth.

Trimming or Pruning

Tree branches may grow out of form over time, pausing injury and property destruction risks. Also, excessive vegetative growth may increase pest and disease incidences. Therefore, your tree company may trim or prune your trees using sanitized equipment. This gives your trees the desired shape and encourages healthy growth.

Tree companies can provide different services, including tree selection and planting, pest and disease control, tree and stump removal, and trimming. Consider contacting a tree company such as KC Tree Service for more information.