When Is Tree Removal An Emergency Situation?

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Usually when someone needs a tree removed, they put it on their "to do" list and plan to call a tree removal company at some time in the next few weeks. But there are times at which this slow approach is not a good idea. Sometimes, tree removal is more of an emergency — something you need to address within the next days days or even immediately. Here are some of the most common situations in which tree removal is an emergency. 

The tree is falling on or about to fall on powerlines.

This is perhaps the most urgent situation you can end up in with a tree. Maybe the tree has fallen and is resting on a powerline. Or perhaps the tree has lost a big branch and that branch is resting on a powerline. You should also be alarmed if the tree is about to fall or lose a limb in a way that would interfere with the powerlines. Not only can this lead to a loss of power, but it could also lead to fires and electrical shock. Call a tree removal company, and also call the power company. In many cases, the two entities will need to get the tree out of the way and restore safety.

The tree is blocking a road.

If the tree has fallen in the street or is about to fall in the street, removing it is an emergency. A tree in the street can make it impossible for emergency vehicles to get through if there is a fire or medical emergency. If the tree has not yet fallen, there is a risk of it falling on a person or vehicle in the street, causing injuries. The sooner you act, the safer everyone in your neighborhood will be.

The tree is interfering with your home or car.

Has the tree fallen on your house, garage, or car? If a big wind blows through, are you concerned that the tree might fall on one of these items or structures? Either of these cases mean your tree removal is an emergency. Remember that a tree falling on your home is more than an inconvenience. It can lead to electrical damage and fires, water damage, and more.

In the situations above, having a tree removed from your property is considered an emergency. Thankfully, most tree removal companies can offer emergency services if you let them know your need is urgent.