3 Trees That Need Yearly Trimming

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Many trees, once they reach maturity, only need the occasional trimming to remove dead or damaged branches. But this is not true of all trees. Some trees thrive when they are trimmed annually. If you have one of the following types of trees in your yard, you'd do well to have a tree trimming company come work on it each year. 

Maple Trees

Maple trees are slow-growing, generally healthy trees that most people plant for shade. They have a nice, round shape and a good canopy. However, that canopy does take some trimming to maintain. You'll want your trimmer to always remove the lower branches so you can fit under the tree, and you'll also want them to remove stray branches that interfere with the tree's nice, round shape. It is best to do this annually because this way, fewer branches are removed each year. Removing too many branches at once can be hard on a maple tree since they have flowing sap. If you have the tree trimmed once a year, they'll only need to remove a few branches, and the tree will only lose a tolerable amount of sap.

Linden Trees

Linden trees are common in the western United States. They are known for their beautiful white and yellow flowers. One downfall of these trees, though, is that they can start to attract a lot of insects if they develop too many flowers or too much fruit. Having the tree trimmed once a year will help keep the number of flowers manageable. Plus, it will give your trimmer a chance to identify any damaged branches and remove them so they don't attract aphids. Aphids can be a real pain to have in your yard, so it's well worth having your linden trees trimmed to keep them at bay.

Eucalyptus Trees

A eucalyptus tree can add a lovely scent to your yard. However, the resin they produce, which is the source of this scent, tends to accumulate on some of the branches. If a branch gets too heavily laden with resin, it can break and fall off the tree, causing property damage and injuries. So, it's a good idea to have your eucalyptus tree trimmed each year. The trimmer can remove any resin-laden branches before they come crashing down.

Annual trimming can be a great service to invest in when you have certain trees. Talk to a tree trimming service to learn more.