Reasons Not To Keep A Dying Tree In Your Yard

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Are you hesitating to remove a dying tree from your property or don't think it's necessary? A dying tree can cause many issues in the yard, so you should act fast. For example, the branches might fall and damage your roof. As such, don't wait till it dies to schedule a tree removal appointment. Leaving a dead tree too long due to its sentimental value puts everyone and the property at risk. This post will share reasons you shouldn't keep a dead tree in the yard.

Lifeless Trees Are Risky

One reason not to keep a dying tree in your yard is its danger. Due to the reduced strength and rotting wood, the tree limbs can fall quickly when you experience adverse weather conditions. Even moderate wind can cause the branches to fall over time and may cause injuries or property damage. In some instances, the entire tree can fall, causing immense damage to your roof, vehicles, outdoor furniture, or even a passerby. As such, you must prioritize tree removal to enhance safety.

The Insurance Provider May Not Offer Compensation

Your homeowner's insurance plan is meant to offer coverage when accidents happen in your home or the yard. However, if you keep a dying tree in the yard for a long time and it falls, the insurance provider may not provide compensation as expected. The company will claim that the accident occurred because of your negligence and will not be inclined to cover it. So make sure you remove the dying tree to avoid battling with your insurance provider once the tree falls. Moreover, the money you'll pay the tree removal experts cannot be compared to the amount you'll spend to repair the house and vehicle or on treatment due to an injury.

Dying Trees Spread Diseases

If the tree is dying due to disease, you should get experts to remove it as soon as possible. This is because such a tree can easily pass the infection to the surrounding plants. As always, a good rule of thumb is to organize the removal immediately after the tree experts confirm that the tree cannot be saved. This way, you will ensure the sickness doesn't spread to the nearby vegetation. This will also allow the arborist to use preventative measures to keep the other plants healthy.

Now that you know the significance of tree removal when you have a dying tree, you should remember to assign the work to professionals. After all, you cannot assess the risks involved in order to perform the task safely and efficiently. Besides, you might not have the proper tools for the job. For more information, contact a company like Lopez Tree Service.