Recommendations For A Successful Tree Trim And Removal

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Trees are beautiful additions to your property and yard, as they add value, and provide shade and natural habitats to wildlife in the area. However, not all trees should remain where they grow, especially when they are diseased, have died, or are growing next to or over a structure or power lines that put those around them at risk. Therefore, it is wise to make sure the tree is managed with the right trimming or removal practices.

Here are some tips to help you when you are faced with removing a tree from your yard.

Evaluate the Tree

Whether the tree in your yard is leaning severely in one direction or there are specific limbs that have died and need removal, make sure you evaluate it for its removal before you start cutting limbs or hacking at the trunk. Larger trees should be removed by cutting off specific branches, but others can be cut down all at once with a cut at the main trunk.

Look at the tree's placement in your yard and if you can cut it down to fall without damaging your home, garage, or shed. Is the tree small enough that you plan to move it to another area? If so, be sure you dig deep enough and wide enough to safely remove the entire root ball. You can make this easier by softening the soil with a good watering the day before.

Arrange For Safe Removal

Anytime you are preparing to remove a tree in your yard, make sure you are not taking on too much tree for your project. Increased risk of injury is common if you are planning to do your own tree removal when the tree is larger than you can reach from the ground. Safe tree removal is one in which you can complete the task with tree loppers, a hand saw, or a similar tool without extending your reach with a step stool or ladder. Anytime you climb up onto a ladder or stool with a sharp cutting instrument, you are at risk of a fall with the sharp instrument and also with the added risk of a tree branch falling with you or on you. 

Remove the small trees in your yard yourself, but when you have a larger tree, arrange for an expert tree extraction for safety and professional removal. They will bring their own safety harness, equipment, and experience to cut off the tree's branches and dismantle piece by piece. Then, find out about stump removal options to free up the space the tree took up within the soil of your yard.

For more information, reach out to a residential tree removal company.