Storm Damage That Can Require Complete Tree Removal

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After a severe storm sweeps through your area, you can be left with a lot of damage to your home and property. Once the storm has subsided, you are going to want to check on the condition of your home and property. You want to be careful as you check for things like broken glass, downed power lines, damaged trees, and other hazards. When it comes to the trees, you should recognize serious damage and react quickly. Some types of damage can lead to problems with the tree if not tended to immediately. Other types of damage can happen to a tree during a storm that can make the tree a hazard that should be removed. Here are some signs that you have a tree with so much damage that complete removal of the tree would be best: 

The tree's roots are exposed and the tree is leaning

If you have a tree that's been so disrupted in a storm that it has been forced into a leaning position and part of the roots are now exposed, then this poses a serious danger. The tree can be to the point where it can end up falling at any moment. 

If and when the tree falls, it can come crashing down on your car, your home, or anything else near it. The most serious concern should be regarding the possibility of the tree falling and seriously, or even fatally, injuring a person or pet. If you see a tree in your yard in this condition, then you want to immediately call for emergency tree removal. 

The tree was hit by lightning

Trees are easy targets for lightning strikes, and this is why you want to be sure to check your trees once a lightning-producing storm has passed. When a tree has been struck by lightning, the lightning will strip the tree of bark, creating a bare area. This scar will make the tree much more vulnerable to disease and pest infestation in the future. 

You should have a tree care specialist come look at the tree. If the damage isn't too severe, the tree may be able to be saved. However, there is a good chance that a tree struck by lightning would need to be completely removed. If the damage makes the tree so it can't be saved, then it's best to remove it soon. If the tree were left in place and did end up with a disease or infestation, then this would put your other trees at risk. 

There are large sections of damage

Your tree may have serious splintering or large areas that have been ripped away. If this is the case, then this would also be a tree that you should have removed. The tree is likely so damaged that it will soon end up dying. Once dead, it can end up falling at any time. It's better to be proactive and have it removed soon.

If you need to have a tree removed on your property, contact a tree removal service in your area today.