Is It Time For Tree Trimming Services? 3 Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

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One of the ways you can improve your yard is by growing a few trees. However, you should know that trees come with some level of responsibility. While trees in the wild can grow however they want, you have total control of how yours grow. Otherwise, they may overgrow and make your yard look unpleasant. 

You may have a dead tree in your yard, which may fall on your roof, power lines, or windows, leaving you with significant damage. To know when to call for tree trimming services, check the following signs.

1. Your Trees Are Showing Signs of Stress

You probably didn't know this, but trees also get stressed. A tree becomes stressed due to too much or too little watering. The same can happen when you use too much fertilizer or when under attack by pests. Weather factors like too much sun can also stress your tree. Unfortunately, very few people know how a stressed tree looks like. 

Generally, a stressed tree is noticeable by its small or discolored leaves. For example, when a tree that produces green leaves has yellow or pale green leaves, and it needs professional attention. The discoloration means there is not enough energy for the tree to keep the leaves green. If you notice these signs, you should consider calling professionals for tree trimming services.

2. The Tree Seems Bigger Than It Should

When a tree grows larger than the rest, it might make your yard look unappealing. While it might still be healthy, it needs to be trimmed before it affects the growth of the other trees or becomes hazardous to your property. At the same time, you should not attempt to trim it by yourself. Instead, hire a tree trimming professional to trim some branches. Usually, the trimming has to be done before the buds open.

3. The Branches Are Dead

Always trim dead branches before the disease spreads to nearby trees. You can tell if the branches are dead when you see small fallen ones around your yard. However, if the affected branch is large, it becomes dangerous to anyone and anything near it. So, stay alert and call an expert for trimming as soon you notice dead branches.

Taking care of your trees is rewarding because trees beautify your property. Unfortunately, as mentioned in this article, the danger signs are not always obvious. However, an arborist knows how to inspect, identify tree problems, and trim the tree when necessary. Most times, professional tree trimming is enough to keep your tree healthy and attractive.