When Should You Seek Tree Removal Services?

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Many people love trees. However, sometimes, you need to remove them. Although it's a hard call, this task is often necessary to promote the safety of those you love. Most tree species grow tall and weigh tons; thus, the aftermath can be frightening when the tree comes crashing down.

Tree removal is a sensitive activity that arborists best handle. They understand everything about trees, and thus, they can carefully remove a tree without damaging it or the property around it. If you're in doubt of whether to hire a tree removal service, below are some cases when you need the service.

If a Tree Fell by Itself

Trees may fall due to several reasons, such as uneven growth or diseases that weaken them. Fallen trees barely go unnoticed as they either fall on a property or lead to blocked roads. Always call a tree removal service to remove a fallen tree from the street or sidewalk.

Exposed Tree Roots

When a tree grows unevenly and leans over, it exposes its roots over time. Exposed tree roots show there is a high risk of the tree falling soon. Other than falling on houses and causing damages to property, fallen trees kill over 100 people every year. Therefore, consider seeking a professional tree removal service before this happens.

The Branches Are in Contact With Power Lines

Often, trees grow tall and can sometimes come in contact with power lines. The contact poses a major fire hazard, which has been linked to wildfires in Northern California. Besides, it's your civic duty as a resident to seek expert services if you notice a tree touching a power line. Trying to trim the tree branches by yourself puts you in danger of death.

Splitting Branches 

Following heavy winds or strong storms, weak branches tend to split or hang low, and they pose a significant risk as they can easily fall. Although it may be tempting to cut off the branch yourself, numerous accidents result from falling branches. Therefore, instead of risking injury or damage to property, you can seek tree removal services.

You Can Notice the Decay on the Tree

While it's easy to ignore signs of decay, it shows that the tree is getting weaker by the day. When a tree starts to rot from the outside towards the branches, it may weaken and start to fall off. Reach out to a tree removal expert who can either choose to treat the tree or remove it.

Call a tree removal service if you notice any of the five things above. Avoid trying to handle trees by yourself to prevent injuries, fire, and death.