Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Maintenance

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If you have trees in your landscape, it is your responsibility to protect and preserve them. If you are a property owner who knows nothing about trees, you should consult tree maintenance services to help you care for your trees in the right way. Here are some questions you need to ask about tree services.

Why Is Pruning Important?

Pruning trees is necessary for aesthetic, safety, and health reasons. Pruning helps stimulate the growth of new branches and also enhances the beauty of your landscape. First, a properly pruned tree increases the curb appeal of your home.

Removing weak or broken branches also prevents hazards that could lead to accidents or property damage. Additionally, removing infected or diseased wood helps strengthen the tree's structure and minimize the probability of damage arising from severe weather conditions.

What Are Some Proper Pruning Methods?

Tree pruning requires skill and expertise. Each pruning technique is applied to a specific area. The main types of pruning techniques used by tree care services include maintenance pruning, hazard reduction pruning, vista tree pruning, and crown raising.

Maintenance tree pruning involves the removal of dead and diseased branches. On the other hand, hazard reduction pruning is meant to prevent accidents. It involves removing large deadwood for safety purposes. 

With vista tree pruning, the professional removes the limbs of the tree to reveal a blocked view. Lastly, crown raising involves the removal of the lower branches in areas where there is a walkway, driveway, or parking area to prevent accidents.

When Should You Remove Your Tree?

One question that homeowners often ask is when to remove their trees. The answer to this question varies depending on the condition and location of the tree. You need to call an arborist to inspect the tree and determine whether or not it should be cut down.

The professional will look for signs of fungal growth, foliage loss, and thinning. They will also look for shoots growing from the roots, leaf discoloration, and any unusual symptoms.

What Should You Consider When Hiring a Tree Care Service?

When hiring a tree care service, you should be keen on their credentials and expertise. You also need to compare their services and rates with other professionals in the industry. Recommendations from friends or a local internet search will help you find reputable professionals. It is advisable to work with certified and accredited professionals in your area.