Safely Removing Trees Around Your Home Or Property

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Trees are a beautiful addition to your property and offer lots of shade on hot days. As the trees around the property age, they can become too large or can suffer damage and become a hazard to your house and family. If you need to take a tree down on your property, working with a tree removal service is often the best option for safe removal. 

Low-Hanging Trees

One of the biggest problems homeowners have with trees on their property is low-hanging branches touching the roof of the house or hanging close to it. If the tree is very large, the limb could come off and damage the roof in a storm, and a tree removal service should cut it back. 

Animals often use tree limbs like this to get onto the roof of the house and then find a way to get inside and nest during the winter months. Insects can also use them as a route into the house, so the limbs should not be left hanging close to the roof. 

The service does not need to remove the entire tree if it is healthy, but it is a good idea to have them check the tree's condition for you. If the tree is rotted inside or is leaning toward the house, it may be good to remove it for safety reasons. 

Damaged Trees

Trees can be damaged by limbs breaking off, impacts to the tree, and fire or insect damage to the bark and core of the tree. If the damage affects the food and water uptake of the tree, it will eventually die, and the tree could become an issue, requiring the removal of the tree. 

A tree removal service can come and inspect the tree then let you know the best way to take the tree down. If the tree is an area with many obstacles around it, using a crane to control the tree after it is cut is often the best way to ensure that it can not fall onto a structure, power lines, or other trees. 

The crane is often the best way to stabilize the tree, and it ensures that the trunk does not fall in the wrong direction when the cuts are made. Once the tree is on the ground, it can be processed and cut up for firewood or hauled away. 

The limbs will be chipped after they are removed from the tree, and if the homeowner is keeping the tree for firewood, the ground crew can cut it into even sections. Cutting the tree into small pieces will make it more manageable for the homeowner to move and split. Reach out to a tree removal service if you're in either of these situations.