How To Get Ready For A Tree Removal

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A large tree that is growing too closely to structures or wires, or one that is showing signs of death or decline, can pose a major threat to your property and family. Prompt removal is the most prudent course of action. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for the crew before they show up to remove your tree.

Utility Interruptions

If there is a power line anywhere within the fall zone of the tree, expect the power to be shut off. The tree company usually handles contacting any utilities that could be impacted by the tree removal. While things like phone and cable service will stay connected, your power will most likely be shut down for safety reasons until the tree is removed. In the event that water lines run near the root, and you are having the root removed, the tree service may also turn off the water main to your home until they are done working.

Space Needs

There are two main ways to remove a tree -- bring down the whole thing or section it off. Larger trees are typically brought down in sections to reduce the chances of property damage. Larger trees typically have their limbs removed first, and then the remaining trunk is brought down in sections. The sections are lowered with a hoist. For a whole tree method, you need to clear a space twice the length of the tree trunk. If the tree is being removed in sections, you need to clear an area large enough so that the sections can be lowered without obstruction. Cars, lawn furniture, and other items should be no where in the cleared zone. The tree company may also temporarily close your street, if necessary.

Vehicle Load

It's important to know what equipment the removal service will be using. At a bare minimum, expect a truck and wood chipper, which will be used to haul away the tree. A cherry picker is often typical, since it provides a save way for workers to reach the upper reaches of the tree. A boom truck with a hoist may also be needed if the tree is coming down in sections. Finally, a truck hauling a stump grinder will be present, if that is your chosen stump removal method. Clear parking for these vehicles on the street and your driveway to minimize their need to drive on your yard. Also, move any lawn ornaments and cover any sensitive plants that you want to protect from the equipment.

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