Answering Common Tree Pruning Questions

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Failing to effectively care for your trees can have some major consequences for the appearance of your property as well as its overall condition. Pruning is a basic, but essential type of care that trees will require. However, homeowners are often uninformed about the particulars of tree pruning and care.

Is Tree Pruning Only Done To Preserve The Appearance Of The Trees?

It is a common misconception that pruning is strictly done in order to improve the overall appearance of a tree. While pruning can dramatically improve the appearance of your trees, it can also serve more practical purposes as well. Pruning can be the most effective way of removing diseased portions of the tree. This will limit the risk of the entire tree being lost to a disease that started as an isolated problem on the plant. Another benefit of pruning a tree can be to improve the plant's stability. When a tree has expansive branches, it can increase the risk of the tree being uprooted or falling during periods of high winds or heavy rains.

What Should You Do With The Leftover Debris From The Trimming?

The process of pruning a tree will produce large amounts of debris trimmings that will need to be managed. Homeowners will often make the mistake of assuming that they will have to throw away these materials. While this is an option, it can be the most wasteful solution to this logistical problem. A more efficient option will be able to recycle this debris into mulch that can be used to enrich your landscaping. The process of turning these cuttings into mulch is not overly lengthy, but it will require specialized equipment. Therefore, you may want to request the tree pruning service to mulch these materials for you.

Will Pruning Make A Tree Vulnerable To Disease And Infection?

Homeowners are frequently concerned about pruning their tree due to being worried about the risk of the plant developing disease or other infections following this procedure. This is a problem that is most likely to occur in the event that the homeowner attempts to prune their own trees. Professionals will have equipment that will create very clean cuts on the branch so that the damage to it will be limited. This can decrease the ability of bacteria to enter the tree. Furthermore, these services can apply a sealant to the trimmed branch so that it will be better protected for several days while the tree heals from the pruning.

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