4 Tips To Help Care For Trees During Winter Droughts To Avoid Damage And Removal

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When you think about a drought killing plants and trees, you probably are thinking about hot summer weather, but it can happen any time of the year. During winter months, these problems can cause the tree to become weak, and improper care of trees can cause serious damage that may lead to removal. Here are some tree care tips to help you avoid damage due to winter droughts:

1. Moisture and Fertilizing Treatments Before the Winter Weather

Even though the weather outside is cold and many trees are dormant, they still need to have moisture and nutrients to survive a cold and dry winter. Make sure that trees get plenty of water during the fall months and apply slow-release fertilizer treatments to the soil. You may also want to add absorbent materials like peat moss to the soils at the base of trees to help retain water during dry weather and protect trees from the freezing temperatures.

2. Protecting the Vulnerable Areas of Tree Root Systems and Trunks

There are also areas of root systems and trunks that are vulnerable to the winter weather. The roots need to have moisture during the dormant winter months but freezing can cause damage to the tree. Use an insulating ground covering material to help protect the root system and base of the tree, which will also help the soil retain moisture and prevent evaporation during cold and dry winter weather.

3. Tree Trimming and Pruning Before Coldest Weather Arrives to Prevent Damage

Fall and spring are not usually good times to do trimming of trees and other landscaping plants. This is since wounds can make trees vulnerable to insects, fungus and disease. Instead, you want to trim trees before the weather gets to cold to prevent damage caused by freezing. Try not to do pruning too early in fall because it can allow fungus to start growing and cause damage.

4. Inspecting Trees in Late Spring for Signs of Winter Damage Before New Growth

Spring is when new growth starts to come in on trees, which can make it difficult to spot winter damage and address issues. Inspect trees for winter damage in early spring after the danger of frost. You may need to have trimming done to branches that have been damaged and other care to reduce vulnerability of trees to insects and disease as the weather gets warmer outside.

These are some winter tree care tips to help avoid damage due to winter droughts. If you need help with trimming and other tree care to keep your trees healthy through winter, contact a professional tree care service, such as Houston Tree Service Team, to keep the greenery in your landscaping healthy.