Has Your Tree Been Damaged In A Storm? How To Determine The Next Course Of Action

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When you have trees, every major storm that comes through brings a possibility of damage, especially when the storm includes strong winds. Once trees are injured, it becomes necessary to assess the damage. Some storm damage will require some minor pruning, while other damage will require extreme measures. If your trees were damaged during the last storm, it will be up to you and your tree care specialist to decide what measures will need to be taken. Here's some information that will help you decide the best course of action for your injured trees.

There's Still a Lot of Life Left in Your Tree

When it comes to tree damage, the best news you can receive is that it's not time to say goodbye yet. You'll usually get this news when there isn't significant damage to the trees. This type of damage will include the type that can be repaired with some minor pruning. For instance, a limb or two might have been broken, but the bulk of the tree is still healthy. If this is the case, your tree care specialist will be able to remove the damaged limbs, and all will be well.

Just Think About It For a While

The next level of damage will include the type that will require a wait-and-see approach. This is the type of damage that could go either way. If the tree has multiple broken limbs, but the trunk is intact, your tree care specialist may be able to remove the damaged limbs and then provide additional care until the tree is healthy enough to stand on its own again. This type of damage will require your tree care specialist to make repeat visits until your tree has regained its strength. If your tree continues to decline in health, you and your tree care specialist may need to reassess the situation later.

The Damage Is Done

The final stage of damage is the type where there is no other option but to remove the tree. This type of damage usually involves disease or insect infestation along with weather damage. For instance, a tree that is weakened by disease falls victim to a windstorm that blows through. At this point, the disease, coupled with the damage, is just too much for the tree to overcome. If that's happened, it will be better to part with your tree. Once the tree has been removed, you can talk to your tree pruning specialist about planting a new one in its place.