3 Important Reasons To Trim Your Trees This Year

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Do you own a larger property where one or more trees grow? How long has it been since any of the trees have been pruned or trimmed back? If you're like many people, pruning can often seem like little more than a hassle. It's something that keeps getting put off, year after year. Unfortunately for the trees in question, there are a number of reasons why they should at least be trimmed every other year, if not every year. Some of the most important reasons include:

1. Better air flow: Trees, like people, need air to survive. While they don't breathe oxygen in the same way that we do, a densely grown section of a tree can start to die off due to a lack of carbon dioxide and other compounds in the air. A lack of air flow between the leaves and branches can also promote the growth of various fungal diseases or even insects due to the high humidity. Regular tree trimming by a professional will eliminate these densely grown areas, opening up the tree and allowing the air to flow more freely within its branches. This, in turn, promotes a healthier looking tree than what you currently have.

2. Stop diseases: Even if the tree limbs aren't currently overcrowded, they can still be susceptible to insect damage or disease. While you can head off some diseases by applying a special spray to the tree in question, sometimes it is simply too late or there is no treatment available. In this case, tree trimming is going to be the best way to try to save the tree and keep the disease from spreading further. Depending on how advanced the disease is, the tree may need to be trimmed back severely. But this is necessary in order to halt the progression of the disease and to keep it from spreading to nearby trees. 

3. Avoid damage: As a tree's limbs start to die off, whether from overgrowth, disease, or even simply just age, these limbs will eventually break off and fall to the ground. This isn't usually a problem for small branches and twigs that are about the size of a pencil but it can be a huge problem for larger sections. The larger the branch is when it breaks off, the more likely it is to cause damage or injury to anything or anyone who happens to be below. Larger limbs can even destroy part of a roof if they come off during a storm. Fortunately, yearly tree trimming reduces the chances of this happening to almost zero which helps to keep you and your family safe.

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