Preparing For The Next Hurricane? 3 Signs Your Trees Might Not Weather The Storm

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With hurricane season in full gear, and with so many storms lining up, it's time to take a look around your yard and make sure you're prepared for the deluge. If you're reinforced your roof, and installed your hurricane shutters, you're on your way to a protected home. However, there may be one important area that you haven't thought about. That's your yard; specifically your trees. If your trees aren't secure, you could end up with significant structural damage to your home. That's because the water, and the high winds could cause them to topple right over onto your home. If you're not sure whether your trees can withstand the next storm, you'll need to inspect them as soon as possible. Here are three problems you should look for when inspecting your trees.

Holes in the Trunk

A healthy tree should not have any visible damage, or decay, on the trunk. If the trunk of your tree looks healthy, it should be able to withstand a storm. However, if you can see signs of visible decay, or there are deep holes in the trunk, you could be looking at a potential problem when the next storm comes through. Place your ear up against the trunk of the tree, and knock with your fist. If you can hear a hollow sound coming from the center of the tree, your trunk is rotten, and probably won't withstand a heavy windstorm. It's time to talk to a tree service about removing it from your yard.

Trunks That lean Towards Your Home

Sturdy trees should stand straight. There shouldn't be any leaning of the trunk. If a tree leans, there's a good possibility that the root structure isn't strong enough to hold the tree steady in a violent windstorm. This is particularly true if the tree has a significant amount of lean, and the roots are visible through the soil. If your trees are leaning towards your home, street, or power lines, you need to have them inspected before the next high winds occur. If the trees are posing a threat to you, or others, they may need to be removed.

Dead or Dying Branches

You can tell a lot about a tree by looking at its branches, especially during seasons of full foliage. If the branches are full of healthy leaves, and are not bending under the pressure, your tree should be strong enough to weather a storm. However, if you've got multiple dead, or dying, branches, you've got a problem that will need to be addressed. Those branches can break loose during a storm, and do considerable damage to your home. Have a tree service come out and inspect your tree. You may just need to have the affected limbs removed. However, if the entire tree is unhealthy, you may need to have it removed.

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