3 Easy Ways To Kill A Tree On Your Own

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If you have a tree that you no longer want to grow on your property, you can attempt to kill the tree to stop its growth before you have the tree removed. Here are three different easy ways that you can use to kill an established tree.

#1 Remove The Bark

One of the most effective ways to kill a tree is by removing the bark on the tree. Removing the bark itself can be a laborious process, depending on the type of tree and bark that is on the tree; however, it is also a very effective process. If the bark is easy to remove, you may be able to pry most of it off with your bare hands. However, if the bark is really thick, you may need to use a knife or ax to pry off and remove the bark.

You'll want to start at the base of the tree and remove the bark as far up the tree as you can, going around the entire circumference. If you fail to remove the bark around the entire circumference, water and nutrients will find another path from the roots to the leaves and the tree will survive. 

#2 Apply Salt To The Tree

Another way to kill a tree is to salt the tree. The term "salting the earth" where during wars, the losers land would be salted, is not just a term for destroying their land. Literally adding salt to the earth will poison the earth and prevent crops from growing, as well as other vegetation.

If you really want to kill a tree, apply excessive amounts of salt around the root base of the tree and water the tree. This will not only kill the tree, it will also kill any nearby vegetation.

This is a very effective method for killing a tree; however, you should be aware that once you kill a tree like this, you are most likely not going to be able to plant anything else in that area for a while.

#3 Put Cement Around The Root Base

Third, you can kill a tree by applying cement around the root base. Roots need access to air and need to be able to breath. By paving over the root base of the tree, you will cut it off from fresh ground water that seeps through the ground to its roots. You will also compact the soil above the roots, which will also harm them. For more information, contact a tree service like On Demand Tree Services.