What To Expect When A Mature, Neglected Apple Tree Is Finally Pruned

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If you own, manage, rent, or live on a property that has one or more older apple trees that have been neglected in recent years and have not received the services needed to stay healthy on a regular basis, it's important to arrange for that work to be provided as soon as possible. Since an apple tree has special needs that some other fruit-bearing trees lack,  it is important to acquaint yourself with the services that are required. Therefore, it's a good idea to be aware of the information shared below.

Pruning Is Usually Done When The Tree Is Dormant...But Your Experience May Vary

In general, you can expect to have the tree pruned during its dormant season, if possible. That period of time is usually between February 1 and April 1, but the weather in your area might change that. The degree of overgrowth, the area of the country where you live, and the associated temperatures will affect when the pruning should occur. In addition, it should also be pointed out that if the overgrowth is severe or the health of the tree is somehow endangered, immediate pruning may be necessary, regardless of the time of year.    

The Goal Of Pruning Should Be For An Appropriately Sized Tree To Access An Even Amount Of Sunlight 

One of the more unfortunate issues associated with overgrown fruit trees of any type, including apple, is the propensity to grow so much in some areas that sunlight is unable to penetrate through it all. When that occurs, apple growth can be diminished in some portions and the tree itself can get sick. Therefore, trees should be pruned so that the entire tree can receive an adequate amount of sunlight. A properly pruned tree will also permit the necessary spray to penetrate its branches at the appropriate intervals, which is also necessary for the unit to get and stay healthy.

Pruning Needs To Include Removing Any Damaged, Broken Or Unhealthy Branches 

Once you know when pruning is necessary and why it needs to be done, it is best to know what to expect from the actual pruning. In this instance, major work is usually needed and you should expect to see all branches that cannot be used due to their condition, appearance or health to be removed. In addition, if you see any areas that have branches that are still unable to access adequate lighting after the above branches were removed or thinned out, they might need to be removed entirely or greatly reduced in size or amount. Your tree expert will be able to examine your apple tree and make specific recommendations as to what you can do to preserve its future use, if it is possible and feasible to do so.      

In conclusion, apple trees that haven't been pruned and serviced as they should have in recent years are likely to bear contaminated fruit, show signs of disease and even exist as a home for the very insects that could be diminishing their life span. As a result, extensive and immediate work to a neglected apple tree is usually required if you hope to save it, so you need to consider the facts discussed above. Talk with a company like Carlos Tree Service Inc for more tips to care for your tree.