3 Tips For Trimming Flowering Trees Growing In Your Yard

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If you have several flowering trees in your yard, you may wonder about how and when to trim them. If so, use the following tips on trimming the trees in your yard to keep them shapely and healthy.

Remove Any Dead Wood

Throughout the growing season, keep an eye out for any branches that appear dead. To keep your trees full of life and prevent rot, this dead wood should be removed whenever you notice it. Leaving dead wood in your flowering trees can lead to rot in the living parts, as well as attract termites that could spread throughout the tree and eventually to your home.

If you are unsure as to whether a branch is truly dead, break off a piece of the wood near the tip. If the wood is dry and cracks easily, it is no longer living. To remove it, make a slanted cut just below the dead branch into the new growth. Cutting at an angle keeps water from pooling on the exposed wood.

Try To Trim The Tree After The Flowers Have Faded

Whenever you trim a tree, the injury to the wood takes energy away from producing blossoms and leaves to heal the cut. Because of this, you try to trim the tree once the flowers have faded and the new leaves have already started to sprout.

However, if you have a branch that is broken or in danger of hitting your house, you may have no choice but to cut it. In this case, cut only the branch that requires removal to minimize the impact on the tree's health.

Avoid Trimming The Trees In The Fall

During the spring and summer, the trees are fully alive and able to combat the damage done by trimming, as well as build the wood stronger so it can withstand insects and rot. However, avoid trimming your trees in the fall unless absolutely necessary.

When the weather turns cooler in the autumn, the tree is preparing for dormancy and starting to build its energy for the next season. If you trim the tree during this time of year, the freshly cut wood will not heal correctly, resulting in tree rot and possible invasion by insects looking for a place to live before winter sets in.

Using the above tips can help you trim your flowering trees so they stay healthy and keep producing beautiful blossoms. However, if you are still worried about damaging your trees, you may want to contact a tree service like A B Tree Service to discuss your options for having them trim them for you.