3 Natural Ways To Control Insects On Your Property

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If you have too many insects getting into your house and eating your plants outside, you need to engage in some insect control management. Here are two tips on natural ways to control the insects on your property with the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

#1 Polyester Fabric Covers

If you have a lot of bugs that are destroying your garden, you can protect your garden with a thin, polyester fabric cover. These covers are very lightweight and will still allow sunlight and rain to pass through the covers to your garden. However, they will also act as a barrier against the local pest population.

Use can purchase this fabric by the yard, general at your local gardening store. To use this fabric, you will want to cut and measure the fabric to the size that you need. Then, you'll want to attach the fabric to wood stakes in your garden or to the sides of your gardening beds. You want it to be secure over your plants without pushing down on them or damaging them.

This is an easy way to protect your garden from pests that love to eat up fruits and vegetables, such as aphids, cabbage moths, tomato hornworms, as well as potato and bean beetles.

#2 Praying Mantis

Another way to control insects around your home and garden is by introducing another insect that will eat up all the pest insects that are getting into your home, destroying your garden and damaging your landscaping. A great insect to control other insects on your property are praying mantis.

You can often purchase full grown praying mantis at your local pet store or your local garden store. Set these full-grown praying mantises in your garden or inside of your house, and let them eat all the insects that are getting in your way.

Alternatively, you can also purchase praying mantis eggs online. You can hatch them by putting the eggs inside of a paper bag, and putting the paper bag on your window still. The warmth will help the eggs hatch. Once the eggs hatch, let the praying mantises outside and allow them to grow and take care of all the bugs around your property.

Try to choose a variety of praying mantis that is native to your area. You don't want to introduce an invasive species while trying to naturally control the insects on your property.

These are two easy ways that you can help reduce the overall insects on your property and inside of you home, as well as protect your garden from insects this summer.