Use These Tools To Successfully Remove A Stump

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When you cut down a tree on your property, it's ideal to make the cut as close to the ground as possible. Once the tree has been removed, your next priority is to get rid of the stump if you wish to eventually have grass growing over the area. There are a number of methods that you can use, but digging and cutting the stump out of the ground is a simple approach — provided that you have the right tools. If the tree was dead, the remaining stump will be fairly easy to work with. If the tree was alive, however, the stump and roots will be more resilient, but still possible to deal with. Here are some tools that you'll want to use.


A shovel is a necessary tool for removing your tree stump. To gain access to the stump and roots, you'll need to use the shovel to remove dirt from around the stump's perimeter. Removing dirt is the first step in the process and an important one; when the dirt is gone, you'll have an easier time using the other necessary tools to break and cut the stump.


A saw is another valuable ally for removing the stump. Once you've dug away as much dirt as possible, you can begin cutting through the roots that lead from the stump and extend under your yard. Some people prefer using a chainsaw for this step, given the speed at which you can make your cuts. However, it's important to realize that hitting some dirt is inevitable, which will dull the saw. Dirt contains tiny stone particles, which will cause the problem. If you don't have a chainsaw or don't want to damage your chainsaw blade, a standard handsaw will do the trick — but also require more physical effort.

Pry Bar

A sturdy pry bar will also come in handy to remove the stump. As you cut away various bits of the network of roots, you can stick the pry bar beneath them and pry upward. Over time, this action will loosen the stump until you're eventually able to remove it. Sometimes, you'll need to cut beneath the stump with your saw; in other cases, you may be able to pry the stump out of the ground with the bar. Once you have the stump out of the ground, you can fill the hole with dirt and plant grass seed.

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