Tips for Pruning the Pine Tree in Your Home's Yard

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If you have a pine tree growing in your yard that needs to be pruned for the first time, then it is important that you know how to properly do so. By properly trimming your tree only when necessary, your pine tree will stay healthy and keep growing well for decades to come. To prune your tree correctly, follow these time-tested tips: 

Only Prune Pine Trees Selectively and When Absolutely Necessary

While you likely know that pine trees are conifers, but you likely don't know that this type of tree is much slower growing than flowering or fruiting trees. Because of the slower growth of pine trees, it is vital that you do not over-prune this species of tree.

Each cut you make on the pine tree in your yard will form a wound on the tree. If you wound a conifer tree too much by aggressively pruning it, then the tree can get sick or infested with insects and die. For this reason, you should only cut off branches that are damaged, show signs of disease, or are too low on the trunk.

Only Prune Pine Trees During the Spring Season

Pine trees and other conifers should only be pruned during the spring season. If you were to trim your pine tree during the fall or winter seasons, then the wounds on the tree will not have the ability to heal like they will when you prune in the spring or early summer months.

Paint Pine Tree Wounds with Tar

After your prune your yard's pine tree, you should paint the tree wounds with tar. The tar will keep insects and disease from getting into the unprotected interior layers of the tree where you have made cuts. It is important to note, that you should not expect tar to protect a tree that is cut at the wrong time of the year.

Always Sterilize Your Pruners Before Pruning Pine Trees

Finally, it is very important that you sterilize your pruners before pruning your yard's pine tree. Additionally, if you will be trimming more than one tree, then you also need to clean the pruners and saws between trees. Proper sterilization of tree trimming tools helps to prevent insects and tree diseases from spreading from one tree to another. You can clean your tools with mineral spirits or hot soapy water and a soft cotton cloth.

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