Keeping Your Home Free Of Tree Sap Damage

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If you just purchased a home in a wooded area, you are most likely excited about living in a spot where you have the beauty of nature surrounding your abode. However, when someone lives in an evergreen forest, they have an increased risk of damage to their home due to the sap from trees. Here are some steps you can take to protect your home from sap in an attempt to keep it looking its best.

Clean Your Roof Frequently So Sap Doesn't Harden

When sap lands on a rooftop, the sunlight will harden it. It is a good idea to remove sap right away, as it is easier to work with when it is still has a liquid consistency. Trim back any tree limbs you can reach that are hanging over your rooftop so sap will not drip on your shingles. Use a roof broom to sweep away needles and twigs or branches during the fall when they are likely to be in abundance. It is also a good idea to use a leaf blower to remove needles from between shingles with ease. Be especially diligent in needle removal after a storm passes through your area.

Take The Time To Wipe Down Siding Panels

It is important to care for siding so it does not become caked with sap that may make its way to your home. Pressure washing sessions can be done to eliminate sap accumulation as well as to clean off any other debris that settles onto the exterior of your home. Make sure to purchase a commercial-grade cleaning solution made especially for the type of siding you have present upon your home, and consider using organic means to clean the panels to avoid adding chemicals to your soil. If you'd rather have a professional handle pressure washing your siding, contact a company like Jack's  Four Seasons for assistance.

Tend To Your Gutter System To Remove Debris

If you allow your gutters to become filled with debris, sap can become crusted within the containment system. This can be difficult to remove without a scrub brush and a sap-removing cleaner. You may need to replace pieces of gutter if the sap becomes too heavy within the system, causing cracks to appear from the weight. Take the time to clear your gutters as soon as debris is noticed inside of them to help in avoiding a sap buildup problem. You can also place covers upon your gutter system to aid in keeping them from becoming full if you live in an area where needles are likely to fall.